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to create reality is life's purpose – lessons from Nowheim




… and imagine some more …

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Enjoy a trip to the place where reality and imagination blend. Embark on an interesting and entertaining journey as it could happen, well, with a lot of imagination. This journal will take you to Nowheim where you can learn about Law of Attraction.

Bizarre technologies and attractions will entertain you during your visit and help open the mind to new ways of thinking.  Discover how and why the Law of Attraction works and how you can deliberately apply it. Pick up some helpful tools to gradually shift your habits of thought and become aware of how you create your own reality.

When you’ll meet Erika and other friends and creatures, you might wonder if they are ‘real’. If you believe Erika, they certainly are real: “Anything you think or dream is real. Your perception is your reality.” And if CM the Capricious Monkey will try to tell you that this sounds like homework, don’t listen. Ask Nowheim’s Mayor Ms. Uma. She’ll say: “Don’t make such a big deal about this. Life is supposed to be fun.”

You will return from your visit with a bag full of memories and tools for a joyful life.


… and imagine some more …

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