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Senses and Judgment


“Our senses don’t deceive us, our judgment does.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The question is: do we have to train our senses in order to change our pattern of judgment? Can we even do that? Or is it the other way around?

I assume Goethe was talking about the brain’s interpretation of physical senses: perception.

When we change our perception, do our senses follow? Do we change physical reality by changing the way we look at it?

One radical answer would be: they are the same. Reality IS what we think it is, no more, no less…. I have to chew on that thought for a bit.

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  1. Onslow says:

    Consider this: humans began with the reptilian brian and its functions; evolved to add the limbic layer and its functions; and has ended up by adding the neocortex layer and its functions. This bottom layer of this “cake” is the flavor of survival and automatic response. The next layer over it has the flavor of nurturing. Both of these layers are topped by a layer having the flavor of emotional response and abstract thinking. They all act simultaneously as a layer cake. Any slice cuts across all three layers. Judgement, which cannot be avoided in this mix, always gets some of the flavor of all three “brains”. We have approximately 70 years to figure out how to drive this roughly 3M year old instrument that did not come with an operators manual. Now, where was I going with all this? Something to do with reality, I think.

  2. Wilma Reiber says:

    yum, cake 🙂
    Doesn’t that all sound like there is somebody/thing behind all this who is exploring and playing with us sandbox puppets? I am pretty sure that somebody/thing is our own self. Are we the puppet and the hand in it?

    • Onslow says:

      I really like the puppet analogy. I kind of look at it as an amusement park that stretches to infinity. In it is an infinite variety of rides that represent every possibility and outcome. The rides are the rides are the rides. The one and only power that we consistently have is the choice to choose the ride; when to get on; when to get off; and when to get on another ride. Just like a real amusement park, we take the ride to experience whatever it offers. Over time, we get better at choosing the rides that provide enjoyment, entertainment and even learning. But we can only choose the rides that are the most suitable for us after having had our share of getting dizzy, falling down once we get off and the occasional case of vomiting on your hands and knees. Then … learn to stay off those rides.

      • Wilma Reiber says:

        ” … The one and only power that we consistently have ……”
        Considering that there are infinite rides/possibilities (dare I say realities?) we can choose from and we determine when to get on and off, we are actually very powerful.
        What greater power is there? The power of creation? Who created the rides? There seems to be no way to say who or what created them, simply because there are infinite numbers of them. For now, we have to say they just are. Besides, who created the creator?
        And just to keep my sanity, I think I’ll focus on the amusement park and all the exciting rides it has to offer.

        • Onslow says:

          Who created the rides? Let me see. If some(one) did create the rides, there must have been a purpose for doing so. What could that purpose be? An income stream for the creator leading to retirement? If that would be the case then the park would eventually cease to exist for lack of maintenance when the big guy pulled the plug. So the only thinking that seems to work is that the park created itself for the maintenance of itself. Singularity speaks to that by merging the creator with the created. That also breaks the chain of insanity trying to figure out what creator created the creator. Then, the purpose of the park that created itself is to provide rides having the end purpose of offsetting entropy within itself. I think that is our purpose. I think that we are one of the many higher evolutionary stages of everything having the sole purpose of combatting entropy. Hence, we begin by taking rides that take more energy to run than we put back in the system by having taken the ride; and hopefully advance to taking rides where we contribute energy to the mass energy balance because we took the ride. I think that Obama should give those who provide this universal benefit with a tax incentive.

  3. Wilma Reiber says:

    When I talked about sandbox and amusement park, I had the physical realm only in mind. My metaphor was more along these lines:
    We exist in the non-physical world as consciousness (or infinite, unlimited beings, as part of the all that is), and we send one aspect of ourselves to the amusement park for the experience (call it fun or thrill or lessons or expansion). We, in our bodies, and the park originate from the same source. We experience our creation and ourselves in it. At that point, our metaphors come together 

    That the creation is “an income stream for the creator leading to retirement” sounds unlikely as you said yourself. I don’t think the creator will ever retire. But when you replace “income stream” with expansion, it makes more sense to me. Maybe evolution is a better word as it is hard to picture infinity to expand. With that perspective, I don’t think entropy is something the creator needs to battle. This park may fall apart or cease to exist. But there will be other parks/realities to create and explore. Who knows? They may already exist, and we’ll go check them out at some point. Maybe we are already checking them out right now (with another aspect of ourselves). Ahhh, the possibilities ….

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