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Journey of Growth


“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart.   And try to love the questions themselves.”  Rainer Maria Rilke

A few years ago, I would have dismissed this quote as romantic and unrealistic. Why would I love the question when I am really looking for the answer? Today, I realize that, without the question, I would not appreciate the answer.

My asking, my wishing to learn and to know calls the answer forth. By asking, I invite information I believe will be beneficial to me (whether positive or negative). The answer will satisfy my curiosity and, of course, lead to more questions.

I want to expand the quote and interchange the word questions with desire, with striving, with hope and payer. “Loving the questions” is not about not knowing, not having, not being. Questions and desires are the fuel we need for our journey, an exciting journey of growth and becoming. When we run out of fuel, we come to the end of the journey.

Love the questions and choose them carefully. They not only drive the engine; they also turn the steering wheel.

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  1. Onslow says:

    Ah yes, the power of the question! The question is the only thing that we own. The answer is the combination of it and us – always changing as we move through space and time. Not just asking the question but asking the right question is our constant task. We act upon what we ask; not what we receive.

  2. Wilma Reiber says:

    True,we create by asking. Our questions are our creative actions on the mental and emotional level. And when we truly align with our questions, we are compelled to follow up with executive actions on the physical level.

    But we ask in response to what we receive or, better, on what we perceive. Since we choose how we perceive, we come back to the beginning.

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