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to create reality is life's purpose – lessons from Nowheim

Martin Luther King Junior


Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King.

 He said: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

I couldn’t agree more. It would be interesting to look at it from different angles.

a)      He changes his attitude towards me because he feels my love. He realizes that he was wrong about me and has a change of heart. Or maybe he is satisfied because he sees the change in me.

b)      He has always had many attributes, and I now attract the favorable one. It’s like a mother and a teacher talking about the same child and yet experiencing a different person in school and at home.

c)       He does not change, but I perceive him in a different way. The love for him is unconditional, and I don’t feel whatever he does or says as adverse.

d)      He does not change, but I shift to a parallel reality where he is a different version. To be more precise: I am a different version in that other reality myself.

Hm. Maybe it’s a bit of everything?

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