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Eternal Now


“The infinite is in the finite of every instant.” Doesn’t that sound like one of those Zen koans?

We say all we have is the now: the future isn’t yet, and the past is no longer; all  we have is now. But what is it really we think we have? How finite is the present moment? The same instant future becomes present, it also becomes past.

Is now nothing or everything? It can’t be nothing, or we wouldn’t exist and muse about it.

We think we see and hear and feel things how they are at this moment. But light and sound need time to travel to our eyes and ears, and the signals to our brain further delay our actual perception. The stars we see right now are no longer in the same place or don’t even exist anymore. Even taste and smell and the tingle in our little toe are old news.

Are future, past and present just constructs to give our physical experience structure? Is every instant like a hologram of eternity?

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  1. Rainer says:

    Dear Sister,

    your thoughts on the impossibility lo realize the “now” are quite true and well explained. Even your thoughts cannot be realized instantanously, since they also are limited by the speed of light. In other words, there seems to be no now.

    All is dependent on time, and does time really exist? Einstein’s speed of light is referred to the speed in an aboslute vacuum. Which does not exist in our universe, because also the negative vacuum is known no to be filled with energy…

    Read David Wilcock’s most revealing book “The Source Filed Investigations”. There, in part II “Time and Space”, chapter 11, he writes about the GLobal COnsciousness Project and how even your own consciousness can change the flow of time, and which is certainly changed up and down by the sun. ANd how the Source Filed has influenced the evolution in sudden changes avery so many years, as it came from outside sources, and the 25600 years cycle in the earth precession of its equinox.. and so on.

    When you read this, let me know your thoughts.

    Un abrazo de tu hermano Rainer.

  2. wilma says:

    Oh great! Another book on my to-read list.
    The only notion that might help make some sense of all the puzzles around time is that there is a non-local connection between everything, the so called field (or maybe even universal consciousness) where information doesn’t have to travel but is accessible instantaneously.
    Now we are not only negating time but also space… hmm.
    As much as I am in love with the idea of this field and the universe as a hologram, I keep wondering how we can perceive what we call time. How can there be sequences of events when there is no time? Ah, that brings me to my other favorite subject: parallel realities.
    I am glad I am not a scientist and don’t have to prove anything. I can just muse and play.
    I’ll definitely check that book out you recommend. Thanks Bruderherz.

  3. preferred perception says:

    Here is a quote from somebody way, way, way more qualified than I:
    “The present is the only thing that has no end.” Erwin Schrödinger

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