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When Time Flies


I had to go to a government agency today. Of course, the waiting room was full, and I forgot to bring my book to read. I was told that I’d probably have to wait an hour. Wasn’t too happy but not upset either. I had to laugh at myself for coming so unprepared. So I read brochures and flyers while the numbers craaaaawled. I was still not upset but thought I could use the time to meditate despite the 100+ people around me.
I didn’t really meditate the way I normally do but was able to just BE there in the moment with no judgment or resistance. It felt really good. Then I realized that they were calling numbers faster and faster. Yay! One was a little slow again, but it didn’t matter. Suddenly, they started skipping numbers. Mine was up so fast, I barely had time to take my ID out.
My case was resolved within a few minutes, and the lady was very nice and joked with me. I came out of there in a daze. That wasn’t an hour. Maybe it was 20 minutes at most.
Well, when I looked at my watch, it was pretty much exactly an hour. Time really IS relative. It’s all perception, and it’s up to me how I perceive. Yay! Again.

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