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Pot of Gold

pot of gold

I found a pot of gold in the sky.  Actually,  I didn’t see  the pot or even the streetlight when I took the picture. It’s not the kind you can take to the bank. Like with the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, my rational mind tells me it doesn’t exist. But does it? It exists in my imagination, and it gives me a fuzzy, giggly, excited feeling of fulfilled dreams, if only for a moment.

In that short moment, it makes no difference to my joy whether the pot is real or imagined. The feeling is real.

I wouldn’t mind finding a pot of gold I can take to the bank. But meanwhile, I’ll look at the picture and any rainbow I can catch and do a little, joyful dance. I am not going to spoil it with regrets and lamenting about unfulfilled dreams.

Right now, I am looking at the picture and feel pretty good. Come to think of it, I felt the same way yesterday when I looked at the sunset.

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