Preferred Perception

to create reality is life's purpose – lessons from Nowheim

Nobody knows, and everybody has an answer.

What does it all mean? Where do we come from, and where are we going?

Nobody knows, and everybody has an answer.

Why does the dog wag its tail? The experts can tell you why. Would the dog agree?

Maybe we cannot explain everything with our logic and our brain. Maybe the world (and the dog) cannot really be understood from our perspective. Of course, science makes sense … to us and within our concept of the physical world. Of course, the dog loves us and is selflessly loyal … just look into his eyes. Of course, what we believe is the only truth … at this moment and until we (may) change it. Ha!

Maybe there are other realms of existence where our physics simply don’t apply. Could it be that we exist or existed or will exist there too? If so, could we perceive it with our human senses and describe it with our language? Most likely not. So, there’s still a possibility that we are at home in more than one reality or universe or whatever we want to call it, right? Too bad we don’t know? Maybe it’s a blessing that we don’t, or we would go insane. Maybe there is a filter built into our brains and senses to protect us from an overload of information and stimuli …

There is much talk about consciousness, whether it exists at all, whether it is from this (physical) world, whether it is local in our body or out there somewhere, whether it belongs to us or is something superior. Can the answer to this question ever pass through that filter? Who knows? The world was once flat, and a particle was once a stable object. Now it is just a quantum state of two or more superposed quantum states or possibilities. And this is clearly where my brain filter sets in. There are brighter thinkers than I who keep pushing the limitations of our concepts. If they ever find a way to perceive or explain the now unimaginable, maybe that’s when insane becomes the new sane. I won’t be around, at least not on this planet. But just imagine … or maybe don’t.

Until then, the dog loves me and I “know” why my parakeet screeches sometimes: with joy, of course.

Just another (insane) musing.

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