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Not Dancing With Elvis

I was invited to a very nice party yesterday: ladies night. When I sat down at a table, I didn’t know there was going to be an Elvis impersonator and that I would be sitting right in front of him. Had I known, I would have chosen a seat as far away as possible. I do not like being called on stage or being engaged in a public performance. And that’s what often happens in front rows. Yes, I am chicken. Is that something I should be ashamed of, something I should try to change? I thought so until last night.

Of course, I got invited to dance (along with many other guests who were not too shy and who had a great time). I could have gotten up and feel really awkward, but I simply said no. He was very gracious and didn’t insist. Thank you, Elvis. Something unusual happened at that moment. I didn’t want to dig myself a hole and disappear in it. I wasn’t embarrassed. It was alright to say no, and I still enjoyed watching. I didn’t beat myself up for being chicken. Maybe one day, I’ll get braver and dance on a table. But for now, I accept who I am. Who says it’s a bad thing to be shy anyway? Who says I need to work on myself? There is nothing to fix. That takes a load off my chest. If I ever change and get over my self-consciousness, fine. If not, fine too. I am who I am right now. Come to think of it, this has already been a step to liberation, and without “working” on it.


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