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We Are Responsible

Attention to something is like fertilizer. It grows, or at least the experience of it does. The news media, how and what they report and their influence on society and individuals’ minds is a sad but perfect example.

Ratings are the driving force behind their choice of what kind of news they broadcast and even of how they present them. In other words, we get what we ask for. Every time we click on a link or choose a channel, we tell them what we want. They don’t sell news anymore; they sell entertainment. Sad to say that mass shootings and ranting politicians have become entertainment.

We may tell ourselves that we are upset, disgusted, in disagreement, but we click anyway. Then we complain that the media have nothing positive to tell us, and we still look for bad news. They are just more ‘exciting’.

The more we click, the more we get of the same. And when not enough bad stuff happens, old news get repeated ad nauseam and talked about to feed our hunger. We get bombarded with horror stories and feel that the world is evil and dangerous.

Unfortunately, we don’t only encourage the media when we click but also terrorists, extremists, racists and fear mongers. The way we feel is our point of attraction.

The news are our mass meditation. We co-create our world, and we are all responsible for what becomes of it.


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