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The News


I learned to turn off the news many years ago. It wasn’t easy, given that I used to be a news junkie. They used to be the last TV program I watched before I went to bed. I don’t know how and when exactly I stopped. Maybe listening to Abraham Hicks teachings and learning about the Law of Attraction opened my eyes. I realized that most of the news were about bad things, hardly ever about something uplifting and heartwarming. The news media have turned into entertainment media whose ONLY focus are ratings and revenue. Good news don’t sell. That is sad because it desensitizes us, especially young people, and instills fear and anger and what not.

While I became a happier, optimistic person, the majority kept digesting the venom of sensational, horrifying news. I was still up to date on important news – including negative ones – but I didn’t indulge. I didn’t read vile comments, gossip, didn’t listen to talk shows that thrive on fear, hate and prejudice. My life became relatively peaceful. I could handle personal challenges which seemed to become fewer over time. I was able to see a silver lining in almost everything.

Today, I woke up – mentally – to the realization that I am back in the middle of a maelstrom of negativity and fear. What happened? I am listening to the news. I am scared of the future and asking myself if I really want to experience it. I feel bad for future generations and guilty for what I am leaving behind for my kids. Common sense is almost nonexistent anymore. Nobody wants to take responsibility for their own actions or non-actions. Irresponsible leaders steer their peoples into wars, commit massacres on their own and have no scruples. Has our human, social Armageddon arrived? Come to think of it, horror movies and end-times fiction seem to be today’s block busters. Are we affecting the course of our world when we sit in the movie theater or on the sofa at home watching this stuff? The Law of Attraction says we attract what we give our attention to whether we do it with pleasure or disgust. Attention is attention. And the universe doesn’t distinguish. It delivers more of the same. Can I jump ship, refocus and create a different/better reality for myself? Can I escape to a parallel reality? I sure hope so.

What happened that got me back onto this path of dark thoughts and emotions? It may have been the circus they call the presidential elections in this country. It’s hard to ignore the news today. Outrageous lies, personal attacks, violent behavior at campaign rallies have replaced political discussions. I am disgusted and disappointed, and yet, I am reading and watching. It’s my choice, my fault, nobody else’s. I am just as gullible as the next person who enjoys terror on the screen and doesn’t realize that it enters us through our eyes and ears. It leaves nobody un-affected.

I need to stop. Fear, anger and judgment are eating my soul. Call me Pollyanna. That’s ok. I am going to spend my remaining time on this beautiful Earth in peace. I am going to return to being loving, non-judgmental and positive. Where is that OFF switch? Hand me the duct tape, please.

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