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to create reality is life's purpose – lessons from Nowheim


I thought I was pretty good at recognizing and controlling my thoughts. When I find myself feeling scared or sad or mad, I usually remember to check right away what kind of thoughts I was thinking a moment earlier. Most of the time, I can lift my mood just by understanding the correlation and directing my thoughts in a different direction. But thinking seems to happen on different levels. To be aware of thoughts on deeper levels takes a lot of practice and honesty.

According to the Abraham-Hicks teachings, negative feelings are indicators that we are not in sync with our inner being or higher self or consciousness or whatever it is that allegedly speaks to us from our gut. We have a desire, and it is immediately fulfilled on the non-physical level – in the vortex as Abraham call it – where everything material originates anyway. Whether it manifests in our physical life depends on our attitude. Do we allow it in by offering the matching frequencies? Or do we sabotage it with thoughts and emotions that block the channel of realization? Standing in front of a locked gate with the wrong key simply doesn’t feel good. Ordering something and not remembering the order number when picking the item up can be frustrating. And the more we fidget and get the number confused the less likely it becomes that customer service can help us.

What is the right key? Focus. What is the wrong key? Focus.

I create my reality – physical as well as conceptual reality. I think I will be happy when I have something or meet somebody or experience a certain situation. Why do I think that? I can feel it for just a quick moment. It’s the moment when I focus or zoom in on something in the endless field of possibilities or superposition and thus attract it into my vortex. I’d better be careful what I focus on and how I vibrate at that moment and always. Vibration is the language of the universe. If I have doubts or keep my eye on the fact that what I desire is currently not in my life, I send mixed signals to the cosmic ordering service. When my focus wanders, the delivery truck gets lost.

Easier said than done. I think I am focusing on what I want, but am I really? It’s like enjoying something but not really. For example: I am outside, feeling the warm breeze, looking at the mountains in the distance, smelling the flowers at my feet. What am I thinking at that moment? Am I thinking anything? Most likely. If I could just enjoy and not think, I would be in a meditative state that feels like it’s never going to end and leaves nothing to complete the bliss. I have caught myself spoiling the moment with what-if and I-wish thoughts. They sneak in quietly and persistently. Like the undercurrent in the ocean, they are hardly noticeable on the surface but can be detrimental for the unaware swimmer. What if global warming will destroy all this? What if this won’t last till my kids or their kids reach my age? I wish I didn’t have to die and leave this beautiful world. Why is it so hard to focus on the moment, on the beauty at hand, on a desire without but’s?

I want to be healthy and fit. I imagine myself running a marathon. I talk to the cells of my body and praise them and thank them as if I were already in best shape in order to tune into the right frequency. Then, I realize that I can’t run the marathon today or tomorrow. It will take time and training. Anything else is just pretense. And there is the undercurrent. It pulls me back to feeling tired, doubtful and just wanting instead of being. That’s where the metaphor ends. This undertow doesn’t let me float out into the ocean of possibilities; it holds me back. If I want to create conscientiously, I must learn to recognize undercurrents. If I can appreciate the fulfillment of my desire with a certainty that allows no checking with so called reality, the natural consequence will be that I start training for the marathon without but’s and doubts, every moment appreciating the stamina and strength I am developing. I am essentially taking time out of the equation.

Envisioning something is not enough if I can’t experience it at this moment. It’s just a thought exercise. The dream quickly becomes a flat, boring, still picture if I can’t animate it with the vibration of my appreciation and the certain knowing that it’s already in my vortex. If I could keep the frequency steady, the manifestation could happen very quickly. But hardly anybody can do that. Distractions and undercurrents are part of life in this physical realm. The best I can do is to first give my vision a spin with the bliss of experiencing its fulfillment and thus start the momentum to keep it alive whether I focus on it or not. The next step is to let it go with the knowing that things are now in motion towards materialisation. Any further attempts to re-enforce the momentum would be inspired by doubt – the dreaded undercurrent. I’ll try to bask in the knowing that it’s ordered and on its way. No need to keep looking for the delivery guy. It will be there. That’s all I need to know.


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