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Can You Feel It?

About the law of attraction again. We attract things, circumstances, people and experiences by focusing on them. It’s a tricky thing though because it doesn’t matter whether we focus on it in a positive or negative way. Saying yes and saying no to something has the same effect. Focus is focus. We get what we focus on.

Even when we say yes to what we want, we can still sabotage ourselves without being aware of it. Wishing something with an expecting attitude brings it closer. Wishing something with a feeling of lack or its absence pushes it away. More of the same thing, meaning lack/absence, is the result. So far, the concept of the law of attraction is quite simple. Too simple?

How do I focus on something I want to attract? With bare thoughts? With imagination? Do I imagine it in the future, or do I pretend it has already come true? Can my thoughts create a strong enough vibration that can attract something? Do I imagine myself in a situation or experiencing something from an observer’s perspective by describing it with words or thoughts or pictures? If I think those thoughts often enough that they become a belief, I am getting closer. If I can produce the feeling of fulfillment, I am getting really close. Thoughts tend to wander. I find it very hard to keep a thought uninterrupted for longer than a few seconds. Visions or pictures are a little easier to maintain, but I am still not imagining from the inside out. I am still watching the movie as an onlooker. Feeling is the key. Pretending it has already come true is a good start if I can prevent the rational mind or habitual thoughts from interrupting my dream.

I figured I’d use meditation to withdraw my attention as much as I can from the world around me and float, figuratively speaking, in the here and now. With a lot of practice, I have managed to feel, for short moments, how I want to feel in the reality I am trying to create. Skip thoughts; skip imagination; go straight to the feeling. In that short moment, I am not trying to create anything, I AM creating it. My feeling or my perception is my reality.

As I see it, that’s how I create my reality. It’s not things or persons or any physical manifestation I seek. It is how I want to feel. And how I feel is my own choice – at every moment. Make the moment last and repeat it as often as possible. It’s a good feeling anyway. Why not enjoy it right then? Checking for manifestations and comparing with what is will only spoil it. Eventually, my reality will adjust to my feeling. I feel rich, and it will give me reason to feel rich. I feel loved, and I will actually meet (or better: recognize) people who love me, including myself. I feel grateful for being healthy, and the cells of my body will do the job they are designed to do – unhindered. I find gratitude the best way to enhance the feeling I try to reach in my meditation. Sometimes, the universe may have an even better match for my feeling than I could imagine. Sometimes, the person I think would make me happy isn’t the perfect person for me. It may not work out the way I wished, but another person may show up who resonates better with the frequency I have been vibrating at. I may not win the lottery to become rich. But considering that it’s not the number on the bank statement I long for but the means to enjoy things that happen to cost money, opportunities to do just that may come in other fashions.

Everything is going to be alright. I CAN FEEL IT.

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  1. Laura says:

    I CAN FEEL IT TOO! Thank you

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