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I try not to use the C-word. It invokes so much fear and anxiety. The diagnosis must feel like a death sentence. I call the dreaded disease klunks.

The common belief is that people carry it in their genes and there is nothing they can do about it. We can kill the out-of-control cells but not change the root cause. Our DNA determines our health, behavior and life. We are victims of our genes and prey to klunks. I don’t think we are. I am not making light of the suffering klunks cause so many people. They are dangerous and powerful, but I don’t believe that they are invincible. People who inherit klunky genes don’t necessarily develop klunks, and people who weren’t born with them may get sick due to environmental and mental influences. But we are not victims. We have choices, as contemptuous as this may sound.

This is what I understand about my body. I am not one. I am a community of cells and bacteria and what-have-you. That’s not true either. I am not my body. But while I am alive, it’s my vehicle and I identify with it.

It is currently estimated that about half of the trillions of cells in my body are foreign microbes that do not share my DNA. Ideally, the latter are of the helpful kind. I wouldn’t be able to survive without them. Unfortunately, there are also microbes that can make me sick and kill me. Klunks are not part of those. This cell community of mine is very smart; every single cell is intelligent and is determined to survive and keep the body healthy. Well, with the exception of the misguided cells turned klunks who forgot that they have to die the natural cell death like normal cells. Receptors on a cell’s surface recognize threats from the environment as well as promises, bad and good molecules, and send signals to its nucleus where DNA is located. The process is called perception. Their signal marks the relevant gene and thus makes it accessible to RNA to read and copy i.e. produce a new protein. DNA does not control anything. It simply contains the blueprints for various proteins. At this point, the cell membrane – the smart part of the cell – is in control. It receives information from the environment, interprets it and selects the gene/blueprint. There goes the phrase: “It’s in my genes. I can’t do anything about it.” Yes it’s in the genes, but it doesn’t have to be expressed.

Every atom has a specific vibrational frequency which is interpreted by the cell’s membrane. In other words, all received information is a translation of frequency. Input can come from outside or from inside generated by conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs I entertain. Beliefs are nothing but repeated thoughts. Thoughts, emotions, attitudes can be made visible in brain scans by their frequencies. And so, they are also detected and interpreted by my cells.

According to studies in epigenetics, genes can be altered. If they are repeatedly exposed to signals of the same kind through the perception process, their blueprints can change. In other words, the environment has an influence on our genes, and so do our thoughts and beliefs. Unfortunately, more negative than positive changes seem to happen due to toxins, stress and negative expectations (nocebos?). But just imagine what I could do to my genes if I changed my attitude and bombarded those little receptors with positive thoughts (besides healthy nutrients and exercise)? Appreciation, hope, positive expectation, joy, love feel so much better than all those pesky thoughts I don’t even want to list here. And if they can make me healthier, I don’t see why I should not indulge in them. Some people call them quantum nutrients, but that may turn other people off who are still having a hard time letting go of the conventional view of biology.

Change your beliefs and change your genes? That’s easier said than done because we run on auto pilot most of the time, our subconscious mind. Until the age of six, we learn by observing our parents and the environment and constitute our subconscious belief system. Even before we are born, we receive ‘lessons’ from our mother and father. If we can develop a way to be aware of those hidden beliefs and how they influence our perception, we can start to make changes. And at that point, we or our mind can be in control. Mindfulness through meditation and complete honesty with ourselves help to recognize some of those saboteurs. There are a few techniques that allegedly help convert them to supporters: Holographic Repatterning, EMDR, EFT, PSYCH-K. I haven’t tried any of them but put them on my try-it list.

Does this have any relevance for people who have already been diagnosed? I sure hope so. They may have undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation or may have chosen a different treatment and killed off or at least reduced klunks. I hope they will be able to make this a new start and change their thoughts and expectations along with a diet and life style changes to reprogram natural cell death for klunks via the messages they send to their cells.

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