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to create reality is life's purpose – lessons from Nowheim


I have been reading and writing about the law of attraction for many years. It’s funny how one thinks one has understood every aspect of something until one discovers more. It made sense to me from the very first time I listened to an audio tape by Esther Hicks. Since then, I have had many insights that showed me what I hadn’t understood before those aha moments. It’s actually nice to discover and learn things in installments rather than all at once.

Although my brain firmly believes in its validity, I am still looking for evidence and rational proof. That’s how I was brought up as most of us. Of course, ‘rational’ is somewhat questionable. Its definition includes words such as ‘logical’ and ‘fact based’. Facts change with new scientific discoveries. But those paradigms shift slowly because not all people adapt to new thoughts and facts at the same pace. I have accepted that consciousness is the source of any physical reality and the choreographer of all that’s happening, and yet, I am still hung up on the need to explain the law of attraction within the paradigm I grew up with. Why is that? I have changed my way of thinking and perceiving, but I still have to work on my subconscious which was formed by my environment between conception and the age of six years (give or take). I was taught that reality is something that’s imposed on me, not created by me. We run on auto pilot most of the time, meaning the subconscious rules. It is responsible for most of our movements and reactions and even words and thoughts. We are often not even aware of what we say or do. It’s an interesting exercise to watch and train oneself to recognize one’s thoughts and speech.

I want to educate my subconscious and sync it with my thinking brain in order to effectively and intentionally create my reality. A tough job. My brain has to find a way to change the hardwiring from early childhood that has been reinforced for a long time. Maybe I can recall examples of how the law of attraction has worked before without my knowing about it. Maybe I can re-experience some of the manifestations with my new (mental) understanding and thus tweak the synapses and early childhood imprints so both my minds can act on the belief that I really create my own reality by intention and expectation. Am I trying to change the past? Not the past as a fact but the past as in how it affects me today. I don’t want to relive childhood experiences. I just want to draw different conclusions and reprogram my auto pilot

I find that things often worked out as hoped when I stopped trying to force the outcome and when I stopped bemoaning the status quo. Let me recreate the feeling of letting go of the how and when, of micromanagement, and relax into the certain knowing that somehow a window will open or an already open window will become visible to me. Let me stop worrying about details and trust that things will work out – eventually. Let me expect a miracle without but-what-if’s. Let me repeat this until my subconscious believes it too.

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