Preferred Perception

to create reality is life's purpose – lessons from Nowheim


CM the Capricious Monkey and CCC the Carefree Connected Cat escaped out of Nowheim or out of the narrator’s head, to be precise.

They followed her to Nowheim and everywhere else, for that matter. She pretended they were her pets. But in reality, they were just metaphors. They represented her emotions. CM was easily distracted by negative impressions and had a hard time refocussing on positive thoughts. CCC, on the other hand, always regained balance quickly and with ease. He knew what he preferred and did not waste time moping about what he did not want.

When they all came back from Nowheim, the narrator set them free. They decided to continue to be an ‘odd couple’ and explore physical life on their own.

They asked to share some of their own stories and reserved this page for your entertainment. You may recognize one or the other or both. They probably have as many cousins as there are people alive.