Preferred Perception

to create reality is life's purpose – lessons from Nowheim

CM & CCC For World Peace


Sixth Episode

What is World Peace anyway?

CM -CCC for World Peace

CM CCC for World PeaceCM and CCC watched the news before their favorite game show started. CM kept complaining. There was so much about violence, wars, injustice and so forth. She told herself that she should really do her world peace meditation more often. But she never felt satisfied with that.  Every time she started to think of places and people she wanted to share loving kindness with, she felt overwhelmed. So many places under siege, so many people suffering, so much injustice and war! She had even considered joining one of those online groups who frequently meditated for world peace but had never gotten around to it. CCC didn’t pay much attention to the news or to her. But after a while, he couldn’t ignore her mumbling any longer. He asked her what her problem was. “Maybe I am naïve,” she replied. “I have tried to meditate for world peace, but it never feels satisfying. I just want to do my part, but I can’t even do that.” His question made her wonder what she really meant by peace. People not hating one another? Have only one religion? One type of government? Equal pay and treatment of everybody? She didn’t have a practical answer. He kept probing. “Are you envisioning a world with no conflict?”  “I try, but the picture is blurry. I can’t see it clearly.”  “Well, that’s because peace is not the absence of conflict. It is the ability and willingness to deal with conflict.”  “You mean tolerance?”  “More than that. Mindfulness.”  “How does mindfulness change anything except in yourself?” He didn’t answer and let her figure it out by herself. “Oh, wait! I can’t change anybody else. I can’t change the world. I can only change myself, my attitude. And that obviously goes for everybody else. If each practiced true mindfulness, nobody would want to change anybody else. OK, but wouldn’t everything then stay the same?” He still didn’t answer. So she continued. “The me against everybody else attitude – and fear – would fall away. Yes, and nobody would feel threatened, cheated, disadvantaged, jealous, revengeful, hateful and all that. Oh dear. So many feelings we wouldn’t have to struggle with. We could focus on our own life and leave the rest out of the equation.” CCC patiently listened.  “What about money and food and water? Wouldn’t rich people still take away from poor people? OK, I have a feeling I am missing something. Ah, I just remembered that we learned last summer in Nowheim that there is no shortage of anything. And the book you are reading now about biocentrism explains how we create everything out of nothing. No. Excuse me. Out of energy.” CCC smiled. If he could just get her to slow down enough to ‘unwhelm’ herself from her negative perceptions, she usually managed to find her own answers. “And do you see how you can change the world after all? Always starting with yourself?”