Preferred Perception

to create reality is life's purpose – lessons from Nowheim

CM & CCC Biking


Third Episode

CM the Capricious Monkey can’t take her eyes off reality, and CCC the Carefree, Connected Cat finds it amusing


CM – CCC Biking

 CM sat on the curb and held her knee. She looked like she was going to cry any moment.

“Are you hurt?” A young woman knelt down next to her. The little boy who had just run his bicycle right into CM scrambled to his feet and picked up his brand new bike. It seemed fine, and he was ready to ride on.

“It’s my knee. I must have hit it when I fell,” CM moaned

“Can you move it? Does it hurt when you move it?” She turned to her son. “Stay where you are. Come here. Apologize to the lady. You hurt her. Come here.”

“It hurts whether I move it or not.”

The little boy slowly stepped up and mumbled: “Sorry.” He looked just as bewildered as CM.

“It’s OK. I’ll be OK. Just do me a favor. Next time, pay attention where you are going.” She slowly got up on her feet, brushed down her pants and hobbled away. The movie would start in a few minutes, and CCC was probably already waiting for her. She had tried for weeks to get tickets and finally settled for an afternoon show. If it was as good as everybody who had seen it raved, she was in for a beautiful experience. CCC had made reservations for dinner afterwards but wouldn’t tell her where. Had he remembered that she had wanted to try the new Mama’s Kitchen? She had only mentioned it once. The light for pedestrians started blinking. Ten seconds left to cross the street. She hurried and swiftly moved around people who were racing in the opposite direction. It felt strange and kind of exciting to go to the movies in the afternoon. CCC was already waiting at the entrance. He looked so handsome, like a Carefree Connected Cat indeed. His nickname described him perfectly. She skipped into his arms. “Sorry, I am a little late.”

“You are? I haven’t noticed. How was your day?”

“Great. The weather is so nice; I decided to walk all the way along the water.” CCC put his arm around her shoulder and started walking inside. CM limped along.

“What’s the matter? What’s with your leg?”

“Oh, a little boy ran into me with his bike, and I fell on my knee. It hurts when I put weight on it.”

“How come it suddenly hurts? You looked just fine a minute ago. CM, you really are my little Capricious Monkey. Dancing one minute and hobbling the next.”

“I don’t know. I guess I forgot about the incident.”

“Well then. Let’s forget about it now and go enjoy the movie. Doesn’t that feel much better?”

They had to walk through a long corridor to get to the right theater. He told her what he had read about the director and how much he was looking forward to it.  CM hobbled along but got her usual graceful step back after a few seconds. CCC watched with amusement. “How is your knee now?” He surprised her in the middle of their chat about the movie.

“Now it hurts, but I honestly can’t tell you whether it hurt before you asked me. That is weird. I think it did not hurt. Or maybe I just didn’t notice? Yeah, yeah, I know. That’s what you always tell me. But it is very hard to shift my thoughts away from the pain.”

“I know. It takes practice. But it’s worth it.”

Two and a half hours later, they flagged down a taxi. CCC gave the driver the address of Mama’s Kitchen. CM was delighted. Her thoughts went back to the movie. “So, they said your thoughts are magnets; you attract what you think about.”

“Well, that’s simplified. Your thoughts direct your attention to a subject, and it depends on how you feel about the subject. If you have strong emotions about it, positive or negative, you kind of draw it towards you. Just like when you drive a car in the night, you aren’t supposed to look into the oncoming headlights. If you do, you tend to drift into the other lane without realizing it. Or like the little boy who ran his bike into you. I’ll bet he made eye contact with you before he crashed.”

“Yes, he looked so cute. I smiled at him, and he smiled back and headed straight at me. It happened so fast …”

“… That’s a good image. Law of attraction works similar.”

“Are you saying, I should not have smiled at him? It was my fault?”

“Well, there are so many more factors, and it was just supposed to be a very simple and superficial explanation. Don’t get hung up on it now.”

“No, but I just remembered when I learned to ride a bicycle. It was hilarious.”

“You are right about that.”

“One time, we rode through the woods. I thought the path was very narrow. I guess I would be surprised if I went back there today. And there was this root sticking out of the ground, right in the middle of the path. I remember how I tried so hard to steer around it and managed to hit it smack on anyway. I felt like somebody or something took over the handlebar. I tried so hard to move it, but it was stuck. That was actually spooky.”

“And where were your eyes?”

“On the root I wanted to avoid, of course.”

“And where were your thoughts?”

“Don’t fall, don’t fall …”

“And did you fall?”

“Ugh, you know the answer. You were there. Oh, and the other time when I fell into the black berry bush … Wait, don’t ask. It was in a curve that seemed awfully tight, my eyes were on the bush, and my thoughts were on the thorns and on how embarrassing it would be to ride into a bush.”

CM went to the restroom at Mama’s Kitchen to check on her knee. It was a little swollen but hurt only a bit upon pressure. On the way to their table, she did ‘the dance’ with another guest. They both arrived at a table where a high chair was blocking half of the passage. He stopped to let her go first; she stopped to let him go first. After a couple of stop’s and go’s, they both walked and tried to squeeze by the high chair. He laughingly grabbed her arms, and they switched sides. She thought it was very funny. “Wanna dance?” He didn’t say anything but held onto her arms and gave them two more turnarounds.

“So, tell me, CCC. Was this another example like the bike stories?”

“I don’t know. It would certainly not have been so funny if you both hadn’t approached the situation without some humor.”

The waiter told them what the day’s specials were. He had watched CM and the other guest earlier and was still smiling. “And I have a special message for you.” He put his hand to his mouth as if to make sure nobody would hear it. “Our chef enjoyed your dance so much, he wants you to know that he will prepare any meal you wish, especially for you, as long as it is on the menu, of course.”

“And you will ring us up, especially for me, I guess.” They laughed. It was surely going to be a pleasant evening.

“I have to tell you something that happened to me when I first got my motorcycle license.” CCC had already been in his fifties when he got his license. “I was waiting for the green light to make a left turn. The street I was going to turn onto was partially torn open, and there were caution signs. A worker stood right in the curve and waived traffic through. I was watching him and taking measure with my eyes. The remaining street seemed awfully narrow, and the worker was standing right in the middle of the street. How was I going to get around him? Of course, the cars making right turns from the oncoming lane had no problem getting by him. Anyway. My light turned green, and I headed right towards the worker. With every meter I came closer, his arms flung faster, and his eyes became bigger. The same ghost who held the handlebar of your bicycle grabbed the handlebar of my motorcycle. The poor guy was ready to jump into the hole behind him. Then I remembered how the instructor at the driving school yelled at us when we drove in circles and he caught us looking directly in front of us or straight ahead instead of turning our head in the direction we wanted to go.”

“What happened? Did you hit him?”

“No, I moved my head to the left at the last second, and my bike immediately turned left and behaved as if it had read my mind. I guess that guy is still telling the story about the crazy biker who tried to kill him.”

“Oh, that is a great story to remember next time I fuss about something I don’t want to bring onto myself.”

The waiter chatted with them for a little while when he brought the bill. He had been a waiter for over twenty years. “You know? So many people get burned out in this job. I don’t know why. I have always been lucky and have always had nice people like you guys at my tables. Well, most of the time, but I never take it personally when somebody is grumpy. I enjoy talking to people and making them feel welcome. It makes me feel good too. Well, it has been a pleasure serving you. Thanks for coming.” They got up and pushed their chairs in when they heard him talk to the customers at the next table. “How are you tonight? It will be my pleasure to serve you.”

© 2011 Wilma Reiber