Preferred Perception

to create reality is life's purpose – lessons from Nowheim

Hint Fiction


Post marked Rehab Clinic

Mom, Dad. Your son is back.  Love, Eddie.


Second chance

“A person can change,” they said. But their judgment didn’t.



I’ll never be able to do this.


That’s why

I never thought I’d say “all is well”, and that’s why it wasn’t



Her beautiful body, finally free of wheel chair and feeding tube, looked as healthy as it should have been the thirteen years she had lived.



The applause sounded like arrows hitting a target. When he was little, he didn’t have a big, red nose to shield him.



Every year, Blossom returned to the charred pile, once her house, to thank the lone, hole ridden cactus for taking the bullet for her.



“The Vikings are coming! Hide the women and children and everything!”
For three centuries, their terrified voices echoed along the waterways of Europe and beyond.