Preferred Perception

to create reality is life's purpose – lessons from Nowheim

Wilma Reiber



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… or at least …

 … on my spiritual journey.

I have programmed computers, raised our kids as a full-time mom, worked with children with special needs and have kneaded many ‘knots’ as a massage therapist. Now I divide my time between my corporate job and writing.

Reading has always been important in my life, and writing had been on my ‘bucket list’ for a long time. Alas! So many thoughts to share and so many excuses. Every year when I celebrate my forty-fifth birthday, the ‘bucket’ comes a little closer.

It finally happened; I started writing my first book. The rest may not be history, but it certainly became a story: Nowheim. Writing jumped off my list and became part of my life.

The next story can’t wait to follow. It has already taken its first steps onto paper.

My interests have shifted over the years from computers to nature and art, to ‘kids stuff’, to metaphysics and quantum physics. I hope my writing reflects all these elements as well as my imagination and humor.